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Offensive Security 


 We mitigate high-severity risks and minimise the overall security risks for your business thus reducing the probability of the data breaches. We are PurpleHat Chief Penetration Testers.
Penetration Testing
Exact simulation of a hacker
with proper approvals from CIO/CISO/CSO to mitigate the risks. 
Information Security
Securing Information or Data
across the entire organisation ensuring resilient business continuity. 
Vulnerability Assessment
Assessing the security gaps or vulnerabilities
across the entire networks to prioritise remediation.
What’s OMVAPT?
“OM” – The beginning of everything & unleashing the infinite wisdom. The human element is always at the center in the Information Security. We are driven with Security by Consciousness. Beyond the Security by Design and Beyond the Privacy by Design. OM is derived from the language Sanskrit.
VA – Vulnerability Assessment
PT – Penetration Testing
Offensive Security is a domain of Cyber Security or Information Security. OffSec focusses on ethical ways of penetrating the perimeter to remediate. InfoSec is a superset of IT Security.
IT Security
IT Security covers wide range of domains such as Network Security, Server Security, Application Security, Storage Security, Database Security.
Defensive Security
IT Security is only Defensive in Nature such as Anti-Virus, Firewalls, Intrusion Detection/Prevention Systems, Anti-Malware.
Support Function
IT is a business support function and not a top-down approach. Information Technology is mainly driven by strategic Information Security Leaders at the top-level.
Information Security is portmanteau of multiple domains with Continuous Business Operations, Business Strategy and as well as Information Technology.
Proactive Security
Information Security is always proactive in nature. It is a superset of Information Technology. InfoSec is usually offensive in nature!
Holistic Security
Information Security is Proactive and Offensive as well as provides strategic leadership to Information Technology. It covers the entire organisational security that goes farther than Information Technology.
Ethical Hackers
Black Hat
White Hat
Purple Hat
Our work process
01. Sign M-NCND
Sign (M-NCND) Mutual Non-Compete Non-Disclosure Agreement to ensure the smooth Non-repudiation and maintain Confidentiality.
02. Information Risk Assessment
Ensure the Risk Assessment is up to the par before we proceed to the next phase else we recommend to get the thorough comprehensive Risk Assessment.
03. Perform Vulnerability Assessment
We perform thorough Network-Level Vulnerability Assessment (VA) to identify the high priority vulnerabilities then we sort out the false positives.
04. Rules of Engagement (RoE)
Sign the Agreement of PenTesting (AoPT) by both the Penetration Tester & the organisation that requires Penetration Testing
05. Penetration Testing
We will perform Penetration Testing (PT) simulating the threat agents with multiple attack vectors to assess the organisational risk.
Why choose us?
BlackHat Penetration Testers
We are expert Black Hat Penetration Testers.
Pragmatic Risk Based Approach
We focus on the Risk Assessment Methodology
Decades of Experience
The UnParalleled Information Security exposure.

What is the need for Information Security? – 1

We are in the interim of a digital innovative-revolution that recommences to increase with each moving day. Not surprisingly, we are creating and utilising information at an astounding pace, contributing to the data concussion and flying behind a far-reaching information trail in digital, physical and spoken formats. This trend is set to persist: global data amounts are anticipated to stretch 44 trillion exabytes by 2020.

In today’s “Information Age”, information has displayed as the highly valuable asset. Nowadays, information is used to compete and succeed in global business. In reality, intangible information assets can denote more than 80% of the organisation’s total value. Organisations must prioritise the assurance of their mission-critical information assets. These assets require precise information ownership and heightened security due to the risks to which they are exposed.

The Autonomous or Self-Driving Cars, Connected Devices, Internet of Things (IoT), Software Defined Networking (SDN), Software Defined Data Centres (SDDC) all got breached at various companies in the last year alone.  The Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality(VR) & the emerging Mixed Reality (a combination of both AR & VR),  Digital Crypto Currencies such as BitCoin; the plethora of ever happening security breaches at all realms of the world means the need for information security experts is increasing at alarming rates! Most organisations do not want to do business with the compromised companies; security breaches happened in these enterprises has lost the significant brand reputation that has built over decades.

What is the need for Information Security? – 2

Remarkably many businesses are grappling to fight today’s ever-determined malicious hackers, that means security vendors need to ensure they are upholding smarter, synchronically. The predicament for many businesses is that they do not know where to begin, consequently selecting ad-hoc solutions that collapse to integrate. However, that integration is mission-critical to detecting, isolating and mitigating threats before any disaster.

It is our duty, as information security leaders in our area, to join teams so that they can maximise their information and investments as much as feasible. After all, the cyber-criminals are increasingly blending resources and working collaboratively – so why shouldn’t we?”

In information of contemporary and open-ended regulatory locus around guarding automatic payments, mitigating information security risks and enhancing information security governance, firms are being compelled by policy-makers to travel an extra kilometre to preserve their clients from the infliction of deception.

What is the need for Information Security?

Regardless of how Brexit moulds the legal, regulatory & compliance (LRC) framework going impertinent, the game against the art of deception and cyber crime is bound to grow at a ferocious speed.

Interactivity is an Information Security system characteristic that implies intercommunication with the critic and their devices as well as an influence on the different attack vectors depending on the attacker’s moves. For instance, heralding junk search results to confuse the vulnerability scanners used by cyber criminals is interactive. As well as causing problems for the cyber criminals and their tools, these plans have long been used by security researchers to obtain information about the fraudsters and their intentions.

There is a fairly clear perception among interactive and “offensive” protection methods. The former imply interaction with attackers to distinguish them inside the protected infrastructure, avert their gestures and steer them underneath the wrong lane. The latter may include all of them & exploitation of security vulnerabilities on the attackers’ resources so-called “counter-hacking. Counterattack is not only against the law in many countries unless the defending side is a state organisation carrying out law enforcement activities it may also endanger third parties, such as users’ computers compromised by cyber criminals.

Employing the use of interactive security methods that don’t break the law in an organisation’s continuing IT security processes make it plausible not only to identify if there is an intruder within the infrastructure but also to generate a threat persona.

One such strategy is Threat Deception – a set of methods, specific solutions and processes that have long been used by security geeks to analyse risks. This persistent manoeuvring can be used to preserve valuable information inside the corporate network from labelled attacks.

Offered the rapid pace of industry and technology, and the multiple elements beyond the C-suite’s authority, conservative risk management frankly isn’t agile enough to deal with the business risks of cyberspace pursuit. Enterprise risk management shall cast by the willingness to perform risk resilience by assessing threat vectors from the status of industry acceptability and risk profiling. Leading the industry to a position of readiness, resilience and responsiveness is the unavoidable way to secure mission-critical assets and defend people.

Why Information Security is a Board Decision?

Encouraging cyber security programs to require thoughtful planning and perseverant efforts throughout the enterprise, with businesspeople leading the supervision. Companies that plant and propagate a profoundly firm perception of security are most prone to be resilient and contentious in the face of open-ended threats and challenges. As the members, objectives, and stakes shift in response to geopolitical and financial forces; leadership shall prevail vigilant—keeping up on trends and surfacing fulminations, drafting exercises from information security events & incidents at other companies, reassessing strategies and priorities, and collaborating jointly with security experts.

Information risk shall be levitated to a board-level concern and provided the equivalent consideration yield to other risk management disciplines. Businesses face a daunting fashion of difficulties interconnected with Infomation security: the unquenchable desire for speed and agility, the ever-expanding interdependence on complex supply chains, and the accelerated evolution of new technologies. Information security chiefs shall stimulate collaboration beyond the entire company, leading business and marketing requirements into association with IT strategy. IT must reconstruct the security communication, so it will resonate with leading decision-makers while also strengthening the organisation’s business objectives.

Penetration Testing
Vulnerability Assessment
Offensive Security
Reverse Engineering
Digital Forensics
Malware Analysis
Information Security
InfoSec & OffSec
our skills

We are always updating & upgrading our skillsets. Our team is studious to stay ahead of the malicious hackers curve ensuring that we will be one step ahead of the evil to protect the good guys.

Penetration Testing
Vulnerability Assessment
Offensive Security
Information Security
New Vulnerabilities Mitigated
False Positives
Penetration Tests
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Client Speaks!

QTPI.Love-Logo - Client Testimonial
Siya Sharma

I am really grateful for the OMVAPT Team. Their security assessment (VA + PT) is truly amazing! Purple Hat Pen Testing is the one to aim for as it covers not only finding the security gaps but their team covers the remediation part as well. 

VWEd Love Logo - Client Testimonial
Piya Raj

OMVAPT has done a fantabulous security assessment for our new startup. Truly Enterprise yet flexible enough to work with startups. Thank you for securing our Matrimonial Portal.

marcus 1
Marcus Fields
Chief Information Security Officer

OMVAPT team is truly Black Hat Penetration Tester and has helped us to overcome lots of challenges we faced in our organisation.

jen min
Jeniffer Burns
Creative Heads Inc.

Their Social Engineering Assessment is recommended to stay ahead of the Security curve.

Tony Robbins

Security-by-Design enables the Privacy-by-Design, and OMVAPT truly lives with that pattern. Thank you for performing a security assessment on our Social Networking site.

EcoFarms.Garden Logo

OMVAPT has amazing security assessment team.  Highly recommend their on-time commitment to everything they mention in the proposal. 

Rights4.Men Logo - OMVAPT Client Testimonial

We never realised that there would be targeted attacks on a Non-Profitable Organisation (NPO). However, our security mindset helped us to find the truly International Security Assessment Company – OMVAPT. Their security solutions are truly remarkable.