Free Apple iPhone 12? Chatbot 


Scam Spreads Via SMS

Mobile PHISHING or SMISHING is posting via text messages implying to come from an Apple chatbot – and offering “free trials” of iPhone 12.

Mobile Phishing luring free iPhone 12

what works for authentic businesses around constantly serves for cybercriminals as well, so there are a plethora of adversaries exploiting SMSes for phishing or Smishing

iPhone 12 SMISHING

Finally, the scam site tells the target, “Congratulations! You qualify for a test group!” and then asks the individual to click to confirm the info – 

iPhone 12 SMISHING

and after registering an email address, a payment screen appears  telling that there’s a “courier shipment cost” for the phone, typically between €3 and €4

iPhone 12 SMISHING

Your iPhone/Android operating system will gladly recognise when the text in an SMS resembles like a website and  make it clickable for you

Evading Android/iOS AI

You conclude up on a credit card payment form that’s hosted on what seems like a ‘special offers’ website with a trustworthy name, and with an HTTPS security padlock 

Authentic Phishing Sites

If you decide to pay your inexpensive delivery cost, you are totally giving out your personal data to the attackers, including your full card number and security code or CVV. 

PII Compromised

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